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In this section, you may find the project outputs as they are delivered!

These reports aim to develop common references for VET in orthopedy and rehabilitation.

We will provide a Report for the current state of the art in the field of protocols for orthopedic surgical procedures and rehabilitation protocols after surgery, a National Report and Survey for each participant country in order to select the most appropriate protocols with regards to the needs of the target group and a Transnational Report

Delivery Date: 06.2016

Guidelines of operational standards in lower limb orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation.

Contains 12 standard procedures for hip, knee and ankle surgery which will be proposed for implementation in the medical world of work from participant countries and the correspondent standard procedures for rehabilitation.

The innovation consists in development of procedures that will allow to advance the physician-patient communications process and enhance the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. The recommendations associated with each procedural step are aligned to the existent medical evidence, as for each procedure there will be correspondent videos, capturing in real practice the maneuvers presented in the guide, for a better connection between knowledge and skills. development. Also the video material will create support for autonomous leaning practical skills for the trainees.

Delivery Date 10.2016

The main goal of the e-learning platform is to give students the possibility to follow training materials, evaluate knowledge and communicate with all involved parties.

A repository of training material with real clinical case studies using digital imaging and accompanying notes with a multi language user interface. The training material will be accessed via a standard web browser, which provides an integrated multilingual on-line learning environment.

Case studies will be in the form of full reports on patients in orthopedic/rehabilitation department (medical history, clinical signs, preclinical evaluations), associated with one or more visual content objects (i.e. 2D, 3D images as acquisition outputs of Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Tomography, plantar pressure graphs and video), starting with preoperative radiological images, description of surgery, and the outcome of the procedure (postoperative and further follow-up X-rays, MRIs, physical findings, contact pressure pattern of the patient gait) - 60 case studies. The system will provide a feedback by showing students the correct diagnosis and how to arrive at it with minimal cost.

Assessment system- multiple choice test (100 quizzes) and case studies that will be solved by the trainees ( 40 case studies for skills assessment). There will be online evaluation by Quizzes - a valuable tool for the students to assess themselves about a course module. The students ought to answer to different kinds of questions and will receive an immediate feedback. Once a quiz session has been completed, the student will see the total score carried out and if he has passed the quiz.

Delivery Date 05-06.2017 and 1.01- 31.06.2017 for on-line courses E-Learning Platform: Moodle LMS

Trainer`s transverse kit – orthopedic and rehabilitation .

It will present the content of the procedures, the videos, the case studies and the way to be accessed by the trainees, the ways to be developed by trainers. It will have a double value as a synthesis of all training material developed during the project lifetime and as a guide to use the system addressed both to trainees and trainers.

Delivery Date 07.2017